Friday, September 19, 2014

Dance 2014

Another year of dance has begun. Carlyn is now taking three hour classes....jazz, tap & ballet & Leah is still in her 1hr combo class of ballet/tap/jazz. Can;t wait to see what the year brings!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ghosts 1st Football Game

The girls got in on a practice this past week and then Friday morning we headed to the stadium for the Ghosts first game....AND WIN!!

Parker's 1st Birthday

The end of August we headed up to Aunt Colleen's and Uncle Chuck's to celebrate Parker's 1st Birthday Party! Kids splashed in the pool, played in the sand box, played baseball, ate lots of goodies and for the big finish they played with sparklers!

While we were away...

When Jeff and I were in Tortola, the girls had so much going from house to house and doing lots of fun things. Aunt Tara, Guckey and Cori were up first to stay at our house...they went out to eat, visited Guckey's work, went to the pool and went miniature golfing. Then it was off to Mom Mom's to have a picnic at Peace Valley Park and go to the movies...then an unplanned but fabulous stay at Grammie & P Pop's. They went in the pool and stole their dinner :) It is so nice to go away and not have to worry bc we knew the girls we so well taken care of!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OCNJ 2014

Wow it's been some time since my last post....guess that shows we've been having such a fun, busy summer. Here are a few pics from our trip to OCNJ this year. We were lucky enough to get to play with lots of cousins this year!! Enjoy! And if you are up for it, here are about 300 pics from the entire trip...yikes!! Click here