Sunday, May 10, 2015

Videos from Swimming

Carlyn jumping in Leah jumping in Both girls swimming Racing on the final day

Field Day 2015

Swim Lessons

This time around for swim lessons, it was Carlyn and Leah. We were interested to see how this would go. Last year we had to throw Carlyn in the water each day bc she was scared. Well what a difference a year makes. She was a rock star this year, improving her strokes and jumping in all by herself! We were so proud of her! Leah on the other hand went in to swim lessons already saying she knew how to swim. She wasn't too happy the first week and cried and screamed for us. By the last day she was waving and smiling to us! I am so impressed that she can jump in and surface on her back and begin to swim all by herself!! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, April 13, 2015


We had a busy Easter weekend, but we wouldn't have had it any other way. Grammie & P Pop's on Saturday searching for eggs and their baskets, waking up to see what the bunny brought, Mom Mom's with GG for more treats (so excited about the OC ride tickets!) and finally Nanny & Pop Pops for our Easter dinner and you guessed it, lots more treats :) These are some lucky girls!!