Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scarecrows at Peddlers Village

I had been trying to take the girls to see the Scarecrows for almost a month. We finally got to Peddler's Village on the last day and it was fun, but the poor scarecrows were definitely looking a lil rough!!

Haloween Night

Carlyn's School Parade

Leah's School Parade & Party

Leah did an amazing job performing all her songs at her Halloween parade! Enjoy video one and video 2

Halloween Parties at Dance

I feel like Halloween was a month long this year. Between school parades & parties and multiple dance parties and the Keswick Trick or Treat...these girls sure got use out of all of their costumes! Enjoy the Whip videos HERE and HERE

Keswick Avenue Trick or Treating

Every year we walk down to Keswick Avenue to Trick or Treat with the girls. This year Carlyn was dressed up as Mal from the Descendants and Leah was a Pumpkin. Unfortunately on the walk down, Leah fell and skinned her elbow, so she wasn't in the best of moods after that!